Young Female Grizzly to be Release on the North Fork

By | September 27, 2014

Tim Manly, the bear specialist from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, wrote the following:

I am going to be releasing a young female grizzly in upper Whale Creek
today. We recaptured her near Whitefish… where chickens were killed. She
is a gorgeous bear.. just under 300 pounds. We are also trapping for a big
male that was also at the site. The bear activity in general is going to pick up
with the hucks dropping.

Grizzly bear sow and cubs
I saw the photos that Becky took. That is the Whale Creek female and her
two cubs.

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2 thoughts on “Young Female Grizzly to be Release on the North Fork

  1. NF Newbie

    Saturday evening we saw her and both cubs in the tall grass of Miller Lake at the intersection of Teepee Creek and Whale Creek Roads.

    1. NFNews Editor Post author

      That’s so cool about your seeing the Whale Creek grizzly and her cubs. She’s been seen up and down the North Fork road all summer.


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