Whitefish Range Partnership Plans New Projects

By | May 7, 2014

Members of the WRP met on Monday night in the conference room at Stoltze Land & Lumber to discuss how to make sure that the ideas in the WRP final agreement are communicated widely through the Flathead Forest Planning Process.   A flier about the agreements reached by the WRP is being distributed and many members of the WRP have been attending the forest planning meetings.   

The Whitefish Range Partnership (WRP) is a collaborative group that represents a diverse array of viewpoints on the use of National Forest land.  This group representing loggers, snowmobilers, mountain bikers, backcountry horsemen, hikers, hunters, anglers, and wilderness advocates met together for thirteen months during 2012-1013 and reached consensus on a recommendation for land management in the Flathead National Forest.  The final agreement was signed by all participants in November 2013 and was sent as input into the Flathead Forest Planning Process.  The final agreement includes an increase in logging and snowmobiling areas as well as designated wilderness in the Whitefish Range and shows how people with diverse objectives can reach agreement and compromise.

In addition to having a voice in the forest planning process, the WRP is using its spirit of cooperation and the relationships that have been developed through the collaborative process to embark on several projects in the Whitefish Range.   The Whitefish Range Face Stewardship Project is an example.  The focus of this project is the area around Big Mountain.  Another example is the “Trail 4 Group” that is focused on trail improvements in the Whitefish Range.

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