Where Have All the Porcupines Gone?

By | March 7, 2015

We learn something new all the time. Lois Walker sent us a link to an article written by Ellen Horowitz in the Montana Outdoors magazine that provides some excellent information about porcupines in general and asks the question “what happened to the porcupine in the upper elevations of Western Montana.” Read the full article here.

Although I remember hearing stories about porcupines from when Morgan was growing up on the North Fork, his pup Lazy was hit in the nose with quills on at least one occasion, I’ve never seen one. The end of this article says… Scientists continue to seek reports of porcupines at higher elevations. If you see on in the mountains, please report it to Kerry Foresman at foresman@so.umt.edu or to Chris Hammond at hammond@mt.gov. So if you’ve seen one in the last several years or have a photo, please send them a note.

p.s. Ellen, we miss you!

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