Whale Butte Fire Busting Out – Aug. 16 around 6:30PM

By | August 16, 2018

We recently got the following from Gerry Stearns… There is a lot of activity on the Whale Butte fire this afternoon. The fire is burning under the duff and “skunking around.”

Then we got the following from another reliable source…

The fire has busted out of its box, but homeowners aren’t in danger yet.  They are trying to create a bigger “box” for it.  There is a bucket helicopter on site.

The IC worked hard all day to get air support but the visibility was too bad to get a tanker with retardant. He had a helicopter order for noon for bucket work, but had to cancel because visibility got even worse! However, he did get a helicopter this afternoon and they dropped buckets of water until they returned for re-fueling.

There is also a dozer clearing an old road. The road is so old that there are mature trees growing on it so it is requiring a bunch of work but it will create a good fire break once they get it cleared out.

Finally, this from Chris Heitz…

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