Wernick’s Wednesday Market Tomorrow

By | June 19, 2018

Here’s a note from Chris Heitz…

MONDAY:Just got off the phone with Linda and she had some bad news: the raspberries are not ready.  But the good news is that the canes are loaded, and are loving this cool weather.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they will be ready for the next Market, July 2 at noon.
The cool weather hasn’t bothered the fresh greens – spinach, kale, and lettuce will again be available.  Have you noticed how long they last in your refrigerator?  I am sure the “goodness” factor has declined, but we were still enjoying them 10 days later!
If you have a few spots left for flowers, there will be some geraniums for sale.
For anyone who is still planting, there will be a few starting plants: cucumbers, yellow squash, maybe some zucchini, and cabbage, broccoli, and seed potatoes.
Linda said there will be a few FREE plants, and you are welcome to them if you think you can nurse them back to health.
Cheryl Watts will have her table again, loaded with her homemade jams, honey, spices, and rubs – perfect for adding something new to your menu for the 4th.
So wander down their long Red Meadow driveway, and join us at noon in their gazebo.  REMEMBER:  the first Market in July will be MONDAY, the 2nd due to the 4th of July holiday.
Hope to see you this Wednesday, the 20th at noon!   Chris Heitz
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