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By | March 20, 2012

As bears emerge from their dens in the next few weeks, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers guidance for avoiding conflicts between humans and bears. Visit FWP’s Be Bear Aware web pages for important tips on maintaining bear-safe residences and camping expeditions. “You’ll learn responsible ways to feed your pets, manage your garbage, landscape the yard and build electric fences to protect beehives and chickens in bear country, ” said Ron Aasheim, FWP spokesman. “Managing each of these activities properly will significantly reduce conflicts between bears and people.”

FWP website visitors can also view trail cam video taken by FWP bear specialists responsible for monitoring and managing Montana’s bears. These clips illustrate how bears travel at night, their size and how easily they can damage even buildings and trailers following the scent of high-calorie human food sources.

An educational, interactive game of ‘find that bear attractant’ is geared to help youngsters identify bear attractants, and is a good review for adults too.

Homeowners will find a self-assessment form to download and use as a guide in identifying bear attractants at home that need to be removed or properly contained. FWP’s bear management specialists’ contact information is also posted. Facts about bears, a lesson on how to tell a grizzly from a black bear, and a bear photo gallery are round out this must visit web page.

Visit FWP’s Be Bear Aware web pages at on the Fish & Wildlife page, click on the Living With Wildlife page then Be Bear Aware.

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