Upgraded my Hughesnet – Update

By | July 28, 2014

We upgraded our Hughesnet earlier this month from a 7000 modem to a 9000 and got a new plan called Gen4 “Power”. Although we had some initial problems (the system shut itself down about four times a day), Hughesnet customer support was prompt and we got the problem fixed within a week of calling it in without any charge.  So as of today, we’re really pleased with the upgrade.  It’s faster and cheaper… what more can you ask for?

If you are thinking about going with Hughesnet or upgrading , give Juan Rivera-Strandberg from Frontier Satellite Northwest a call at 406-668-0458 #Ext102 or email him at riveras@kilanet.com. Check with Hughesnet first to see what sort of specials they have going, then call Juan and see if he can match or improve on the offer.  Going through Juan directly might be the better option.

Following are some more details.

With this new plan we get 10GB monthly Fair Access Policy (FAP) with something they call Bonus Bytes during the evening for another 10GB.  Although I had thought that I wasn’t going to like the monthly allowance (rather than the 475MB per day that we were getting with the old system), it turns out to be a great advantage.  Here’s why.  In the old system, we were heavy users one day and light users other days.  We would often run out of FAP on the heavy days and have to buy “tokens.” Now, it all averages out so that we’ve not had to buy any tokens this month.  Hughesnet also has a great meter that you can install that tells you exactly where you stand with respect to your FAP.  Very nice.

Earlier I was also concerned about the fact that on the old system uploads didn’t count against your FAP and on the new system they do.  But we’ve not found it to be a problem in the least.

How about speed? They say that you can get up to 10Mbps (on our old system we got 5Mbps as the max).  Although in reality it’s much slower that 10Mbps, we are consistently getting over 5Mbps which is twice what we were getting on the old system.  And the improvement in speed is noticeable.

Other good news is that with this upgrade, we got the upgraded equipment free and the monthly cost has dropped.  We were paying $89.00 a month.  I THINK we’re now paying $69.99 a month.  That’s the monthly rate of $59.99 plus $10.00 per month for equipment rental.  I always think renting equipment like this makes good sense because upgrades are always coming along and you’re stuck with old equipment.  Besides, that’s how they recover their costs for the free installation.  No rental, no free install.  Given that they installer has to come up the NF road, installations and equipment could be very expensive.  If their equipment fails, then they have to replace it.  If you buy and it’s out of warranty, then you have to replace it.  So on and so forth.

There is another plan called “Connect” that for $39.99 a month.  The installer Juan also said that they had deals where they would install the equipment for free, even if it’s not an upgrade.  Here’s the URL for all the plans.  The NF can only have the first two, at least that’s what I was told.


As with all of things internet, please read the fine print carefully on these plans before signing up.  It’s really, really complicated and difficult to compare apples to oranges.

The installer Juan told me that in Oct./Nov. Hughesnet is going to have another upgrade to 15Mpbs with this same equipment (probably for more money).  We’ll see.

I also looked on the internet and spoke with someone from customer support and it SEEMS that Hughesnet will suspend your service for “vacation” for up to 6 months.  You just have to call the billing department and work something out.  I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what they said.  If someone finds out by calling, please let me know.

I had thought that there was a VOIP option, but when I called they said that it wasn’t available for our area… yet.

That’s all I know for now.  As of today, I would recommend anyone who had the old system upgrade to the new and I would also recommend Juan as an installer.  And anyone who wants to get internet or switch to Hughesnet, I think that it would be OK.

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  1. Dick Pfaff

    Hi Patti & Debo, “Hi” to all ! Just wanted to send many “Thanx” to the NFN as it keeps me in touch with what is going on in my most favorite place. U may have heard from Tom Holycross that I had a knee replacement so I was unable to make it this summer. But I still spend the summer there through NFN ! Thank you so much…. Hope everyone is well and tell everyone I said “Hi”. The July 4th parade looked great ! Miss you all & “Thanx” again….
    Dick Pfaff

    1. NFNews Editor Post author

      Hi Dick, how wonderful to hear from you. We were sorry indeed to hear that you won’t be visiting us this year on the North Fork. Our best wishes for your knee recovery and we look forward to seeing you next year. Thanks for the kind words about NFNews. I wish the photos in NFNews were half as good as yours!


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