Thompson Creek Fire Blows Up

By | August 11, 2015

The Thompson fire in the Park blew up this afternoon. Check out Inciweb for the latest information and check out these photos.

This next series of photos were sent to us by Bill Fordyce. The first is at 13:05.

1305: Start of sequenceThe next is at 13:17, 17 minutes later

1317: 12 minutes laterHere it is at 13:36, 19 minutes later

1336: 19 minutes laterHere it is at 14:08, 32 minutes later

1408: 32 minutes later

This photo came from Debo Powers at the Baptist Lookout at 14:28.Plume of Thompson Fire as seen from Baptiste Lookout at 1428

This final photo was taken by the NFNews Team reporter from the North Fork road at 15:03. That’s the Kinsolving’s house over on the right.

Thompson fire from the North Fork Road

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