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By | November 7, 2014

UPDATE: In another excellent example of neighbors helping neighbors, this incident was reported to the North Fork Patrol at the time and they were able to get a member out to the scene before the folks doing the cutting left.  The information gathered was passed on to the Forest Service and the NFP was trying to contact Fowler when we posted his story on NFNews.  A thousand thanks to all the members of the North Fork Patrol for taking such good care of us.

The earlier post said: Here is a message from Fowler Cary via the North Fork Classifieds

Sadly, someone cut two of my Douglas fir trees off the side of Vance Hill according to neighbor, Rick Upton. If you could put the word out to my neighbors at the NFPA to keep an eye out on my place as they go up and down the North Fork Road, and get a tag number or name of anyone they see doing such again it would be most appreciated. FYI, nobody has permission to cut any trees off my place as I will prosecute.

I don’t believe that it was anyone from the North Fork.  North Forkers know better.  I believe that it was someone from the valley who just didn’t realize that they were cutting on private property.  Anyway, that’s what I would like to believe.  What’s difficult to understand is that dozens of North Forkers must have driven by while these folks were busy processing these trees.  Did no one see anything?

If you see someone cutting wood on what you think might be private property, please report it.  If you don’t know who to report it to, then send it here and we’ll forward along the information to the appropriate people.  Please provide the location and the license plate if you can get that without feeling threatened. Don’t just drive by.

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