The Road is Dangerous

By | February 9, 2017

Bonny and Lynn Ogle sent in a report this evening… Mark Heaphy notified us that he had talked with the man who maintains the FS cabin rentals about half an hour ago. The man told him he came from Blankenship and he had to chain up as the road is very icy. He left his skid steer at the Community Hall as he was unable to complete all of the jobs in these conditions. It has been raining steady making everything that was snow pack before crusted with ice. Mark was on his way to get snow off of a roof in Deep Woods and asked me to relay the road conditions to as many neighbors as possible. Lynn just came in from plowing and said the road is not at all safe. Should be emergency travel only so travel at your own risk and chain up all the way around if you absolutely have to go to town. Snow is sliding off some roofs so be very careful around your buildings.

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