Thanksgiving 2018 Update

By | December 14, 2018

Update: In his Hungry Horse News column this week, Larry points out that he accidentally left off Randy Kenyon and Donna Harrison in his Thanksgiving thank-yous for cooking one of the excellent turkeys served. Larry goes on to say “Donna and Randy have been active in the community for years and deserve to be recognized for their community efforts.” We couldn’t agree more. Thank you Randy and Donna for helping out all of us, your neighbors and friends. And our apologies for having left you off the original list! If there’s anyone else that we’ve inadvertently omitted, please let us know!

There was a record crowd at Sondreson Hall last evening for the annual Thanksgiving dinner. As always, the turkey and ham provided by the sponsors were delicious and, everyone agrees, the side dishes and desserts were some of the best ever.

Our thanks, as always, to Steve and Christina Berg for sponsoring the event with the help of Ray Brown, Mark and Margaret Heaphy, Bonnie Ogle and many, many others who pitched in to help.

Don’t forget about Christmas day dinner. Same time, same place.

Here’s a hint. Click on one of the photos below to get a slide show started!

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