Temporary Load Limits on Flathead National Forest Roads

By | March 12, 2016

Warm weather, snow melt and spring rains are creating soft road surfaces and spring “break up” conditions on many Flathead National Forest roads. To provide for safe transportation and protect the condition of the road system the forest annually implements temporary road closures and load limits across the forest.  For the next few months forest road managers will check conditions and sign roads as “closed” or assign a load limit as appropriate based on the local conditions.

Flathead National Forest Supervisor Chip Weber says, “Traveling on soft road beds can cause damage which often results in longer-term closures to fix the problems. Temporary restrictions are an important tool we use to help protect the road surface and ensure that the road drainage works properly.  We ask all forest users to respect these spring break-up restrictions.”

For updated information on temporary road restrictions on the Flathead National Forest contact the individual ranger district:

  • Hungry Horse/Glacier View Ranger District 387-3800
  • Tally Lake Ranger District 758-5204
  • Swan Lake Ranger District 837-7500

General forest information can be found online at  http://www.fs.usda.gov/flathead.

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