Tally Lake Opens Area For Firewood

By | September 10, 2015

Tally Lake Ranger District Opening Area for Firewood
September 16 – October 22, 2015

Contact: Cory Anderson
Ema L. Braunberger

KALISPELL, MT – The Tally Lake Ranger District will open approximately 6 miles of road for personal-use firewood gathering in the Logan Creek drainage. This will allow temporary access for woodcutting on some roads that are normally closed to public motorized traffic yearlong. The area is expected to be open from dawn (approximately 8:00 a.m.), Wednesday, September 16 until midnight Thursday, October 22, 2015.

The National Forest Service Roads (NFSR) to be opened are 5354 and 5321, which is behind the gate on 5354. Substantial amounts of tree-length firewood are available in piles adjacent to NFSR 5354, about two miles up the road. Also, behind the gate on NFSR 5354, is one bermed road (NFSR 5327) that is NOT open for public motorized use at any time.

A Forest Service personal-use firewood permit is available for a minimum of four cords of firewood for $20.00. Woodcutters must have their permit with them while collecting wood and fill it out as required. Firewood permits and maps, are available at the Tally Lake Ranger District/Flathead National Forest Supervisor’s Office in Kalispell. Permits are also available from several commercial vendors throughout the area. For more information on special permits please visit: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/flathead/passes-permits/.

Please read and follow all terms and conditions written on your permit. These include:
 Standing or downed trees with paint or signs are not to be cut. Some trees behind this gate have been marked with paint and wildlife signs. These trees provide important habitat for many kinds of wildlife.
 Clear the road surface and ditches of tree tops and limbs when you are done cutting firewood and scatter or pile the material off of the roadway.
 All vehicles must remain on the road surface.

The area will be monitored by Forest Service personnel, as in previous years. Resource damage, such as creating “stump roads” or the loss of marked wildlife trees, could result in discontinuing the opportunity to cut firewood on year-long closed roads. Public cooperation has been excellent in past years, and we ask firewood cutters using the area to help continue to make this opportunity a success.

To be sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable woodcutting experience; people visiting the area are asked to spread out, keep a lookout for other people and vehicles, and as much as possible keep the road open and passable for others. Some of the roads have limited space where they end, so it is a good idea to turn your vehicle around before filling it with wood.


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