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A little North Fork Road history

By | February 4, 2016

In his Hungry Horse News column this week, Larry provides some context for the current road paving controversy and proposed plans for the upper North Fork road. Read his full article here. Did you know that you can quickly get a list of all of Larry’s columns and other topics of interest? Check out the “Popular Tags” either… Read More »

North Fork paving on the radar, again

By | February 4, 2016

This report from the Hungry Horse News has a few more facts straighter than the earlier one from the Daily Inter lake. It begins… Montana state Sen. Dee Brown held a meeting last week at the Columbia Falls city hall to discuss the upcoming replacement of the South Fork Flathead River Bridge in 2017 and its impact on the… Read More »

Another Gravel to Pavement Experience

By | February 2, 2016

Dick Pfaff is a good friend of the North Fork and NFNews, posting his exceptional photos taken during his time on the North Fork over the past several summers (see North Fork River Float Trip for example). He recently sent in this comment sharing his experience in a similar gravel to pavement situation… Obviously I’m not… Read More »

Paving Means Magnesium Chloride Salt

By | February 1, 2016

The following comment came from North Forker Arne Boveng… Know what the road departments will do once they have a paved road? Spray it with magnesium chloride salt. Huge tank trunks. No more escaping that brown, wet sludge down in the valley. No more snowy white, dry, wintery roads. You know, the way winter used to… Read More »

A Slightly Different Take

By | February 1, 2016

The following comment on paving was sent in by North Fork neighbor Jane Reardon… I was at the meeting last week. I believe I came away with a slightly different take. The issue is the number of people already coming up the North Fork. They are here, folks! Paving the road will have an impact… Read More »

Meeting about Road Paving Draws a North Fork Crowd

By | January 31, 2016

Making good on our promise to publish our neighbors’ thoughts regarding paving the road, here is a report from Debo Powers about the North Fork Road meeting that took place on January 28… On Thursday morning, many North Fork winter residents braved a foggy morning and icy roads to drive to Columbia Falls to attend a 9 am… Read More »

Why Paving the Road is a Bad Idea

By | January 31, 2016

  We try hard at NFNews to editorialize by omission. If a story comes along that either shows a North Forker in a bad light or simply can cause hard feelings, we have a policy to just pass it by. Last week, however, the topic of paving the road came up again after many nice, quiet… Read More »