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The Bear (Aware) Necessities

By | July 4, 2018

The Flathead Beacon’s Great Outdoor Magazine has an article that begins… When most people consider the need for bear awareness, they conjure a self-centered scenario — the terrifying image of a charging grizzly, the desperate hope that a cloud of capsaicin from a can stops the charging bruin in its tracks. It’s a smart scenario… Read More »

Many Glacier Campground Adds Restrictions After Grizzly Bear Sighting

By | July 2, 2018

The Flathead Beacon reports that a northwest Montana campground has temporary banned tents and soft-sided campers after a grizzly bear made its way into the area. The Missoulian reports that hard-sided campers, camper vehicles and pickup trucks with small canvas pop-ups will be allowed at the Many Glacier Campground. Read the full article here.

Grizzly Bear Managers To Vote On NCDE Conservation Strategy

By | June 19, 2018

Montana Public Radio has an article that begins… The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee is getting together this week for their bi-annual meeting about grizzly bear management in northwest Montana. Members will vote on a conservation strategy that outlines how federal, tribal and state managers can maintain a recovered, genetically diverse population in the Northern Continental… Read More »

Golf course hazard released in North Fork

By | June 10, 2018

The North Fork Preservation Association has a post that begins… Tim Manley posted the following note to Facebook yesterday letting us know that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks had “translocated” a couple of grizzlies to the North Fork. Read the full post here.