Summary of current evacuation notices and road closures

By | August 17, 2018

Updated Aug. 18 – 11:50AM

Following is a note from Bill Walker, the official point of contact for the North Fork for fires…

As near as I can tell, the new Type 1 incident management team has not done an update on the North Fork blazes yet. Presently, this seems to be a case of “no news is good news.”

Although the Whale Butte Fire made a run yesterday, there wasn’t much action overnight. I did get the following back channel report this morning: “Minimal growth on Whale Butte yesterday (as of 6:30pm). Activity was light. Creep and smolder and the bit of late afternoon activity (isolated torching and some short uphill runs) was with the fire’s interior.” So, Whale Butte is likely still at around 100 acres in extent.

It sounds like the Coal Ridge Fire is moving fairly slowly, too. At last report, it was at 266 acres and likely isn’t a great deal larger at this point — 300ish acres?

As mentioned earlier, pre-evacuation notices went up yesterday for resident along Moose Creek Road and Whale Creek Road and the stretch of the North Fork Road between the Moose and Whale intersections. Also, all east-west routes in the upper North Fork are now closed to all but residents, with the exception of Trail Creek Road.

New information on the above fires should be posted on InciWeb. Here are the pages to monitor:

InciWeb for Coal Ridge –
InciWeb for Whale Butte (finally!) –

Neither is very informative yet. Apparently, the new incident command team that started yesterday is not quite up to speed.


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