States Confront a New Era of Crazy Wildfires

By | October 25, 2015

Molly Shepherd has worked hard to protect her Montana property from wildfire, including building with fire-resistant concrete and metal. But few states require property owners to take steps like those – Photo from the Stateline website

Statelinean online analysis website sponsored by The Pew Charitable Trusts, recently posted an article about the new age of wildfires across the West and featured our own Molly Shepherd and her home. The article begins…

The 2003 Wedge Canyon fire missed Molly Shepherd’s property by a quarter mile. From her cabin deck, she watched flames lick down the mountainside through acres of pine and larch forest toward her home. The fire burned for more than two agonizing months, consuming seven homes and over 53,000 acres.

As wildfire rages across the West again this year, officials who deal with fire—from local fire chiefs to federal land managers—say there are ways to protect people and property in an era of bigger, more dangerous fires like the one that threatened Shepherd’s home.

Read the full article here.

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