Seeking Volunteers to Serve on the Flathead Resource Advisory Committee

By | June 20, 2018

The Flathead National Forest is recruiting for volunteer candidates interested in serving on the Flathead County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) in several membership categories.

The role of the RAC is to recommend how certain federal funds will be spent on the forest and in Flathead County. The funds are issued to Flathead County as part of the Secure Rural Schools Act reauthorization for 2017 and 2018.

“One of the Flathead National Forest’s biggest assets is the number of people who have an interest in how their National Forest is managed. Becoming a RAC member is an excellent way to take an active role in that management,” said Public Affairs Officer, Janette Turk.

“Fifteen members and three replacement members typically make up the roster for the RAC. Currently, the RAC has nine members on the roster; we are outreaching for nine more members, 6 are needed to fill all committee positions, and three to serve as replacement members, should an opening occur on the RAC.   Committee members serve four-year terms and are selected by the Secretary of Agriculture. There is no compensation for RAC service, but committee members may be reimbursed for certain travel expenses”.

Members of the RAC must reside in Flathead County and must represent the following interests as described in the Secure Rural School Act:

Category A – Five persons representing the following interests: (1) Organized labor or non-timber forest product harvester groups; (2) Developed outdoor recreation, off highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation activities; (3) Energy and mineral development, or commercial or recreational fishing interests; (4) Commercial timber industry; or (5) Hold Federal grazing permits or other land use permits or represent non-industrial private forest land owners.

Category B- Five persons who represent: (1) Nationally recognized environmental organizations; (2) Regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations; (3) Dispersed recreational activities; (4) Archaeological and historical interests; or (5) Nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups, wildlife or hunting organizations, or watershed associations.

Category C- Five persons who: (1) Hold State elected office or their designee; (2) Hold County or local elected official; (3) Represent American Indian Tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the committee is organized; (4) School officials or teachers; or (5) Represent the affected public-at-large.

The committee will collaborate with Forest Service managers in developing and recommending projects which benefit National Forest land in Flathead County.

For more information contact Janette Turk, Public Affairs Officer at 406.758.5252 or


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