Riding to the Sun 2017

By | May 31, 2017

One of the best springtime activities is biking on the Sun Road before cars are allowed.  This is a great treat when bikes rule the road.  The views are inspiring while one pants and pedals up, up, up.

The snowplows have not yet made it to Logan Pass.  Over the weekend in glorious sunny weather, bikers were able to ride to the wall of snow just past Triple Arches about six miles past the Loop.  There are places along the last mile where there is only one lane open and the water from melting snow is pouring down onto the road.

During the past week, bikers were only allowed to go to the Loop so that they wouldn’t interfere with the work of the snow movers further up the road.  With all of the warm sunny weather that we are getting this week, the road may be open to Logan Pass for bikers by the weekend.  It will take the machines a while to move all of the snow off the parking lot at Logan Pass and cars will not be allowed until then.

Biking the Sun Road is such an exhilarating experience that one wishes that cars would never be allowed to take over.

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