Polebridge Bonfire

By | November 15, 2014

Rockies in the Park covered with snowIt’s that time of year when folks are starting to turn a necessity (the burning of their slash pile) into a whole lot of fun called a bonfire.  Last night we were invited by good friends to a bonfire in Polebridge and, despite temperatures hovering around zero, we piled in the car. Driving down to Polebridge we enjoyed the show of a perfect sunset on the Park Rockies.

Then we rounded the corner and saw our entertainment for the evening… one of the biggest piles I’ve ever seen on the North Fork.  Although it was a little slow starting, once it caught there was no going back.  You can see from the photos that Monica was properly impressed.

Then we looked behind us and were surprised to see that the house was on fire.  Fortunately it was only the reflection of the bonfire in the front windows.

Hey, is the house on fire?

Good fire, food, and friends.  Doing it the North Fork way.


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