Passing of Ebbe Beebe Allison

By | April 9, 2015

Arne Boveng recently sent in the following.  Thanks Arne for letting us know and the interesting North Fork history!

I wanted to make a mention of the passing Ebbe Beebe Allison.  She was the youngest child of the infamous Chauncey Beebe and Eva Beebe, so she was a 2nd generation to a north fork homesteader.  Condolences to all of her family.

Her father was an amazing man, who seemingly was everywhere.  He lived in Sullivan’s Meadow in today’s Glacier Park, way before the Sullivans lived there, with Thomas Jefferson, who helped the young underaged Chauncey file his homestead claim in 1909.  Beebe’s homestead, along with Charlie Wise’s were two of the first homesteads on the west side of the river and is in fact today’s Panorama Ranch at the Polebridge junction.

He helped build the Polebridge Merc, was an old friend of Bill Adairs and helped build many cabins in the North Fork, including Cummings Meadow Ranch buildings up Quartz Creek in Glacier.  Really, his achievements deserve a book.

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One thought on “Passing of Ebbe Beebe Allison

  1. Lois Walker

    Thanks to Arne for the tribute to Chance Beebe and his family. If I’m not mistaken, I believe part of Charlie Wise’s homestead on the west side became the Square Peg Ranch, owned for many years by Hazen and Ruth Lawson and now by John Frederick. The Square Peg South cabin is Charlie and Mabel Wise’s old homestead cabin.
    According to Bud Evans and April Donahoe’s oral history interview on the NFLA website, the adjacent 160-acre Beebe homestead which became the Panorama Ranch was purchased in 1944 by H. Frank Evans and his wife Edna from Bill Adair. Had Bill purchased it from the Beebes?


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