Turn your Spring Cleaning into Profits

By | March 17, 2018

If you find yourself with items worth selling while cleaning out your garage or storage areas, or just want to get rid or an item that you no longer need or use that still has value, why not try to sell it on eBay without having to do any of the work involved.

I will collect the items from you, research comparable sale prices, take photos and list the item under my eBay account, answer buyer questions, collect the sales proceeds in my PayPal account, pack and ship the item and keep a detailed record of all sales transactions. I’ve been successfully selling on eBay on a regular basis since 2014, and even sold a car on eBay Motors.

I will charge a selling commission of 40%, with the seller receiving 60% of the net proceeds after the following fees and expenses:
• eBay fees: 10% of gross sale receipts (including shipping cost charged to buyer)
• Actual postage expense (buyer will be charged an estimated shipping fee, but actual postage could be more or less than amount received)
• PayPal fees: typically 2.9% of total received plus $0.30 per transaction
So if you had an item that sold for $50 plus $5 for shipping, you could expect to pay $5.50 eBay fees, $1.90 PayPal fees and $5 shipping. You would receive 60% of the net proceeds, or $27.13.

Items I’ve sold in the past include tools, electronics, sporting goods, DVD’s, jewelry, toys, collectibles, or just about anything that is in good shape and still has value.

If you have any items you’d like me to list for you on eBay or explore their value before listing, send me an email with the details. Thanks! Pat Cole pabdc2@gmail.com

For St. Patrick’s Day, A True Tale Of 8 Sailors Saved By Guinness

By | March 17, 2018

Workers roll barrels of Guinness in June 1955 on a quayside in Dublin. Bert Hardy/Getty Images

Well, it’s a slow news day for the NF, but we found this interesting story on NPR in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. It begins… If you’re picking up a glass of Guinness this St. Patrick’s Day, savor it while pondering this story from 1917, when Ireland’s famous stout was cause for true celebration: It saved lives. Read the full story here and Happy St.Patrick’s Day to everyone on the North Fork!

Please Check out Your Bear Attractants

By | March 16, 2018
Momma grizzly and her cubs by Paul Winkler

Momma grizzly and her cubs by Paul Winkler

As bears emerge from their dens in the next few weeks, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers guidance for avoiding conflicts between humans and bears. Visit FWP’s Be Bear Aware web pages for important tips on maintaining bear-safe residences and camping expeditions.

“You’ll learn responsible ways to feed your pets, manage your garbage, landscape the yard and build electric fences to protect beehives and chickens in bear country, ” said Ron Aasheim, FWP spokesman. “Managing each of these activities properly will significantly reduce conflicts between bears and people.”

Learn about bear attractants, how to tell if your residence is bear-friendly, and some bear-aware tools to help keep bears wild.

If you have any problems with bears coming too close to your structures, please contact FWP Bear Management Specialist Tim Manley at tmanley803@gmail.com or call (406) 892-0802.

FWP’s Be Bear Aware web page is a great resource and this perfect time to be making an assessment about attractants around your North Fork home. Please, let’s keep our grizzly friends safe.

MDT warns drivers about black ice

By | March 16, 2018

NBC Montana says that rain and temperatures dropping to freezing Thursday night could cause black ice to form for the morning commute. Montana Department of Transportation officials told NBC Montana this weather can make for dangerous road conditions. Read the full article here. So watch out at the Home Ranch Bottoms pavement and especially when you hit the pavement on the way to town in the morning.