OPINION: Is Canadian logging a threat to pristine drainage?

By | August 31, 2015

Debo going up Tuchuck… againOur own Debo Powers had an opinion piece published in the Daily Inter Lake over the weekend. It begins.. The North Fork of the Flathead River has long been recognized as an internationally special stream, both in Canada and the United States. As such, the drainage has been managed with unusual care and attention on both sides of the international line. But recent activity on the British Columbia side of the North Fork Valley should have all of us on alert. Especially those of us who care deeply about clean water, native trout, Glacier Park and Flathead Lake. Read her full opinion here.

For those who don’t have a subscription to the Daily Inter Lake, check out the NFPA website for a complete version of this article.

Below is a photo from Rachel Potter of the cutting (last year?) in Cauldry Creek just north of the border, taken from Mt. Hefty.  That’s the boundary swath.

Cauldry Creek


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