Notes from a Polebridge Winter – Monday Nov. 10

By | November 10, 2014

Although NOAA had predicted 10 degrees for last night, our outdoor thermometer said that it only got down to 18 or so.  That’s our analog thermometer.  The digital one had been co-opted for the bathroom where we were cooling down a large pot with 80-90 quarts of mixed game stock made from bones donated to the cause by our neighbors.  They give us the bones and we return them quart jars of delicious, golden nectar to use in making soups, stews, and flavorful rice all winter long.  We figure with all the labor involved (hunting, processing the bones, prepping the stock ingredients, cooking the stock, canning the stock, making and applying all those little labels) that each jar costs about $100.

But why the bathroom? We open the windows and close the door to cool it down as quickly as possible.  It makes for an eye opening first hit at the john. Today we’ll be canning.

We’re also getting ready for the next several days of extremely cold weather.  NOAA is predicting – 6F for Tuesday night.  That’s cold by any standard for the beginning of November.  In addition to worrying about frozen water pipes, we worry about the lack of snow which means that there’s a chance that our septic could freeze.  Something we never worried about while living in the big city.

NOAA also says that there is a disturbances of the ionosphere caused by X-ray emissions from the Sun.  Why would I look at such data?  Because we have a radio phone and these emissions can have an effect on the quality of our service.  Something else we never worried about before we moved to this little bit of heaven.

When news is slow I google “Polebridge” to see if there’s something interesting we’ve missed.  This morning I found a website called Rob Mosher’s Polebridge.  Check it out.  Kind of interesting.

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