North Fork Zoom Meeting on Special Use Permits

By | May 3, 2020
While talking to District Ranger Rob Davies about the reactions of North Forkers to the proposed Special Use Permits for Commercial Recreation in the North Fork, Representative Debo Powers (House District 3) requested that he meet with the North Fork Community on Zoom to answer questions.  He enthusiastically agreed and the meeting has been set for Tuesday, May 5 at 7:00pm on Zoom.  
In order to keep the meeting to a manageable level, only North Forkers (landowners, business owners) and the board members of NFLA, NFPA, and NFTA are invited to attend.  Joining a meeting on Zoom requires a computer with an internal camera and access to Internet.  It is also possible to join by phone.  Zoom will allow the community to meet while social distancing during the current pandemic.  Details for joining the meeting will be posted here on Tuesday afternoon prior to the meeting.
The deadline for public comments was May 1st and the North Fork Preservation Association (NFPA) and many individual North Forkers scrambled to get comments in on time.  However, Rob Davies has said that public comments will be accepted past the deadline and that he will read every comment personally.
The meeting on Tuesday will be an opportunity for North Forkers to hear more information about the proposed permits and to ask questions.  In order to keep everyone from talking at once, participants will be on “mute” during the presentation and will be put on “un-mute” individually when they indicate that they want to speak.
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