North Fork Solstice

By | December 23, 2017

Good neighbor Sue Evans sent in the following story and photos. Thanks, Sue! Be sure and check out Sue’s photography website.

Greg and I attended the Solstice celebration on the 21st at the Halsey’s which was really nice. The Halsey’s served delicious chili, other folks brought many potluck items, and there was even a birthday cake for those having recent birthdays.  As a part of the Solstice celebration, we each had the opportunity to write down what we wanted to “let go of” from the past and attach these to an effigy with ribbons. The effigy was then burned in a huge bonfire as we all gathered round.  If you look closely in one image you can see the sad face as it burns. (Hint: click on a photo to get a photo gallery).

What fun, Sue. If anyone else has a North Fork story to tell this winter, send us your email via our contacts page and we’ll send you our email where you can attach photos.

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