North Fork road reopens; Sun Road still closed

By | May 25, 2016

From NBC Montana.

The Hungry Horse News reports that with the rain stopping overnight, flood waters near Blankenship and the Canyon are receding. The North Fork Road reopened to vehicle traffic about noon today. The Sun Road remained closed at Apgar, however, except for park personnel and guests to the Lake McDonald Lodge. There was still water flowing over the Blankenship Road about 9:30 a.m. this morning, however. All told, upwards of 25 to 50 homes were impacted to some degree by flooding. No homes appeared to be completely inundated, though several had flooded basements and yards. Read the full story here.

NBC Montana has a related story “Flooding still a concern for some Flathead residents.”  This says the flooding in the Blankenship Road area, off North Fork Road, is starting to recede. According to the Flathead County Office of Emergency Services, the Flathead River level did not hit flood stage. Trumbull Creek did flood about seven homes, but the flooding should resolve itself by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Flathead County Office of Emergency Services operator Lincoln Chute said the area should be fine, even with rain in the forecast.

Here is the same story from The Daily Interlake entitled “Roads reopen after flooding.”

Here is a related story from The Daily Interlake entitled “Rain closes Going-to-the-Sun Road.”

NBC Montana has a story that says “Flathead Co. repairs roads damaged by flooding.”

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