North Fork Gardeners Share Secrets

By | June 4, 2015

On Tuesday morning, the North Fork Landowners Association sponsored an event where a group of North Fork gardeners met at the Community Hall to swap tips about gardening in our short growing season. To add to the fun, Valerie Petti displayed and sold seedlings that she had grown to help pay for college. In the lively discussion that followed the seedling sale on the front porch, gardeners shared ideas about everything from soil conditioning to pest control. Everyone came away from the “Gardeners Roundtable Discussion” with renewed inspiration. Many spent the rest of the rainy day working in their gardens and greenhouses.

To get more information about buying seedlings from Valerie, check out our article North Fork Seedlings for Sale.

The NFLA is a community-based organization that sponsors dozens of events each year for the education and entertainment of all North Forkers. Check out their calendar of events here and join in.

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