North Fork Bear Report from Tim Manley

By | July 12, 2015

Momma grizzly and cubs from Pat ColeWe recently asked Tim Manley, Bear Specialist from FWP, if he had anything to report on the North Fork grizzlies. Tim is going to be at the Interlocal on Wednesday, so be sure and come to ask all your questions. For more information on Firewise Day and the Interlocal, see this report.

Here is Tim’s report on our bears…

An adult female grizzly with two cubs of the year were released on July 10th near Frozen Lake. She had killed 10 sheep near Valier.

Rick Mace and his trend crew did some trapping for the population monitoring in the North Fork this spring.

They captured 3 adult males in Red Meadow Creek. One of them they did radio collar. They also captured a yearling male at Sondersons Meadow.

In terms of management, I did have reports of a female grizzly with two yearlings in the lower Moose Creek area that did get into some old bird seed that was left in a garbage can. That did get cleaned up.

An adult male was released in Coal Creek on the Coal Creek State Forest on July 9th. He had been captured east of Lincoln, MT for killing two sheep.

I know some of the huckleberries started ripening up early…. scattered berries. I guess we will have to see how the berries do at higher elevations.

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