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Red Rooster Braised Venison

By | November 18, 2017

FWP’s Montana Outdoors magazine has a recipe for venison that looks pretty good. It begins… This dish, perfect for a holiday dinner with guests, is based on Marcus Samuelsson’s braised short ribs served at his Red Rooster Harlem restaurant in New York City. Read the full recipe here.

Hunter Gets Reduced Fines for Accidentally Killing 3 Sheep

By | November 17, 2017

The Daily Inter Lake reports that last fall, Jeff Fleming was facing nearly $33,000 in fines and a 30-month loss of hunting privileges — the penalties for accidentally shooting two bighorn sheep in the Knowles Creek area near Plains… in Fleming’s view, “the punishment for an accident really has to be different than the punishment for an… Read More »

Protecting grizzlies while keeping people safe

By | November 14, 2017

The FWP Montana Outdoors magazine has an article by Director Martha Williams that begins… This past summer I met with area ranchers and others in Augusta, a town of 315 people between the Rocky Mountain Front and Great Falls, to discuss grizzly bears expanding their range beyond the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem (NCDE). Read the full… Read More »

Green Grazing

By | November 13, 2017

FPW’s Montana Outdoor’s Magazine has a story that begins… Brian Martin drives to the top of a rise on the Matador Ranch overlooking a prairie stretching for miles in all directions. The landscape appears uniform to a first-time visitor until Martin, conservation director for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Montana, points out the diversity in this vast… Read More »

Winter Conditions Arrive for NW Montana Hunters

By | November 10, 2017

Winter storms buffeted NW Montana with snow and hazardous driving conditions, and game was hard to come by for many Region 1 hunters. Snow conditions didn’t help to improve hunter success over the weekend. “I expected hunter numbers and overall success to increase this weekend since there was snow on the ground, but that didn’t… Read More »

Doing Just Fine

By | November 8, 2017

FWP’s Montana Outdoors magazine has a story that begins… Winter is a fact of life in Montana, and often of death, too. The worst one in state history may have been the winter of 1886-87. It began with a storm in November that left a one-inch crust of ice across the prairie. A December blizzard followed,… Read More »

Safe Passage

By | November 5, 2017

FWP’s Montana Outdoors magazine has an interesting story that begins… Most Montanans have a wildlife-vehicle collision story: the totaled pickup, the injured friend, the dead or wounded deer on the side of the road. Roadkill seems inevitable in a state with one of the nation’s highest rates of deer, elk, and moose collisions. State Farm Insurance… Read More »

The Eagles Have Landed

By | November 3, 2017

FWP’s Montana Outdoors magazine has a story that begins… “A skiff of snow, and everything starts to look like an eagle,” says Kristi DuBois, a nongame wildlife biologist with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Fortunately, snow squalls are still holding off as she parks her truck along the Blackfoot River not far from Ovando. There’s no… Read More »