How does the search work?—Just type in some words of interest and see what appears.  For example, if you want to see posts about Larry’s Hungry Horse News columns, then type in Larry and they’ll appear.  At the bottom of each post there are also a list of tags.  Click on one of those to get more information about that subject.

How do you get weather forecasts for different parts of the road?—The answer is that NOAA lets you pick your location. Go to http://www.noaa.gov/wx.html. Type in 59928 as the zip. Using the map on the right side of the page, zoom down until you’re at a comfortable resolution. Use the hand (hold down the right mouse button and drag) to move the map up and down the road. When you find your spot, left mouse click to put the cross hairs there. The top of the page will tell you how far you are from Polebridge. That’s it. You should get the weather forecast for that geolocation.

How do I get something posted to the Classifieds?—The purpose of the classifieds is to provide information to the North Fork community about items and services that are either for sale or being sought. Simply email information about the item or service that you want to list. The better the information, the more likely you will get the item bought or sold. At a minimum, however, make certain you include 1) a clear description of the item or service and 2) a means by which readers can get into touch with you. All classified items will remain on the website until either you expressly request that it be removed or we decide that it’s old and out of date.

Note that services here means a one time service (i.e., I need a ride to town on Thursday). Continuous services should be listed in the Yellow Pages.

How do I get something posted to the Yellow Pages?—Similar to classified, the Yellow Pages are intended to list services that are ongoing. Good examples are the Northern Lights saloon and the Polebridge Merc. Be sure to include 1) the name you want listed, 2) phone number, 3) your physical address (if you want it listed), 4) whether or not you want your email listed, and a brief description of your service. If appropriate, include opening and closing hours. Again, entries in the Yellow Pages will remain there until we hear otherwise. It’s your responsibility to keep the information up to date.

Are the Classifieds and Yellow Pages free?—Absolutely no charge. Take advantage of an ever increasing readership and get your information out there.

How do I send in information or a news story?—Email the news story here. There is no guarantee that the story will be published on the site. Publication is at the discretion of the site author. Any links to supporting information will increase the probably that the story is printed. If you send information for posting and don’t mind having your name printed in the paper (i.e., attribution), let us know. We omit the names of our contributors for privacy reasons, but if you don’t mind having your name out there we would like to give credit where credit is due.

Why are there not more pictures and graphics (or why so dull)?—We really aren’t just being lazy. The only internet access on the North Fork is via satellite and anyone who has satellite knows how slow it is. In addition, we’re all living with the Fair Access Policy (FAP) that’s imposed on us by our providers. This means that we can download just so many megabytes a day. This website is designed with these constraints in mind. So you need not be afraid to check out NFNews every day. We won’t bust the budget.

What if I see something I don’t like?—Let us know right away through our email. We will do our best to try to fix it.

Why is opinion mixed in with the news?—This excellent question was sent in by a recent reader. The truth is that opinions are not mixed in with the news. Don’t be fooled by the slick and professional appearance of this website. It’s all opinion. By deciding what to print and what not to print, we are expressing our opinion. Even deciding which source to quote among available sources is a reflection of our opinion. Sometimes we’re more blatant than others, however. In that case, we will assign a name so that there is a face attached to that particular opinion.