NFLA Fire Wise Workshop & Interlocal Meeting

By | July 12, 2013

Here’s a report from Debo Powers… On Wednesday, July 10, two important meetings took place at the Community Hall.

In the morning, fifty landowners met for the Fire Wise Workshop organized by the NFLA Fire Mitigation Committee chaired by Molly Shepherd.  With the memory of the Wedge Canyon Fire (10 years ago) and the Red Bench Fire (25 years ago) fresh in many minds, residents listened to presentations about fire behavior and protecting property from wildfire.  The highlight of the program was a power point presentation by North Fork landowner and fire expert, Alan Chrisman, on the effects of climate change on fire frequency and duration.

Following the Fire Wise Workshop, many more people arrived for a lunch prior to the annual Summer Interlocal meeting.  Burgers and hot dogs were cooked and served by Bob and John from the Northern Lights Saloon.  This summer, the host for the Interlocal was the North Fork Compact and President Don Sullivan presided over the meeting.  Around one hundred people attended the meeting and listened to reports from North Fork organizations and all of the governmental agencies that manage land in the North Fork.

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