NFLA annual food drive

By | August 5, 2013

The NFLA launched its annual food drive last Saturday during their Aug. business meeting.  Every year, members of the North Fork community bring food items to Sondreson Hall for collection.  Opportunities for dropping off such items include the upcoming NFLA business meetings (on the first Saturday of every month) or social events such as the Sock Hop that is coming up this Saturday.  Towards the end of the season a member of the NFLA  delivers the items to a local food bank.

Acceptable items include canned goods, packaged goods, dried milk, etc.  Baby food is an especially good item to donate.

Items that are not acceptable include those that have been opened, are not in their original container, or are damaged in any way. Unfortunately, home canned goods are also considered unacceptable. However, items whose expiration date has passed are acceptable as long as they are not more than two years out of date.

Tax deductible contributions in the form of a check made payable to the Columbia Falls Food Bank are also welcomed. These may be mailed to 82 Railroad St E, Columbia Falls, Mt 59912.

This food drive is a way for the North Fork to get involved in a community service project, improve our image and provide others with a small share of our good fortune. Please set aside appropriate items while cleaning out and closing your North Fork homes for the season and bring them with you to the next NFLA meeting. If you aren’t closing up or don’t have these items on hand, pick them up the next time you’re shopping.

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