Northwest Montana Lookout Forest Fire Lookout Association Receives Grant

By | September 24, 2015

On Thursday, September 3, 2015, Toyota Motor Sales, USA and the National Environmental Education foundation, also known as NEEF announced a $4,950 grant award to the Northwest Montana Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association.

In 2013, a dedicaled group of volunteers formed the Northwest Montana Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association to support Federal and State agencies in the restoration, maintenance and staffing of fire lookouts on public lands.

“NEEF and Toyota Motor Sales, USA award grants across the country to local groups who are getting their communities involved with our public lands, which helps ensure the well being of the earth and its people, ” said Carol Watson, Senior Vice PreSident for Programs for NEEF. “When each of us plays a role in supporting our environment, all of our actions add up to big impact.”

In 2011 Toyota Motor Sales, USA and NEEF formed a partnership to launch Ihe Public Lands Every Day Program to build capacity for local organizations that steward and support public lands throughout the nation. Through this program, NEEF and Toyota Motor Sales, USA are awarding $217,000 this year to 49 groups including the Northwest Montana Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association.

“The funds will be used to improve our operations by upgrading technology, expanding our outreach and engaging in strategic planning so we are better able to protect our lands for future generations” said Cathy Calloway, a spokesperson for the Association.

“We applaud the group’s work to maximize the environmenl as a resource for the community” Ms. Watson added.


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