Meadowlark Microbakery

By | October 28, 2016
From Meadowlark Microbakery

From Meadowlark Microbakery

This is a neat idea. Meadowlark Microbakery and Finn Biscuit are sharing the same store, but they’re two different bakeries. The Meadowlark Microbakery is baking on Wednesdays and Finn Biscuit is on Thursday and Fridays. The hours are 7:30am-4:00pm for both, and the address is 619 Nucleus Avenue in Columbia Falls.

So two different bakeries. Both excellent, but now there are more choices. Here’s what’s available at Meadowlark Microbakery.

Country Blonde Sourdough
Field Blend Sourdough
Buckwheat-Creme Fraiche
Baguette–plain, ham and cheese-filled and chocolate-filled

Plain Croissant
Ham and Cheddar Croissant
Almond Croissant
Pecan-Pear Puff Pastry Tartlets
Lemon Sables
Almond Cakelets
Rustic Apple Galettes

They also serve soup and bread, what kind changing every week. For example, this week’s soup was Sweet Potato with Maple Creme Fraiche, served with a selection of the above breads.

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