Life, Death, and Winter

By | December 7, 2015

From the Sierra Club website – the caption said… Frozen Kintla Lake, in Glacier National Park, is often littered with carcasses left by wolves.

NFNews fan Ramona Coyote saw our earlier post about Death and Life in the North Fork and thought that our readers would also enjoy this article by Aaron Teasdale in the Sierra Club website about wolves and Kintla Lake in Glacier National Park. It begins… THE WOLVES APPEARED LIKE PHANTOMS, five of them spiriting across the frozen lake to a thrust of rocks onshore. Travis, Ben, and I crouched nearby, unseen in forest shadow. The largest wolf picked up a scrap of a carcass, bones joined by sinew. The wolves were romping, yanking the bones back and forth, when a howl erupted from the forest behind us. They responded, tilting their heads back in unison, their wails joining with the others, coming from everywhere at once and engulfing the mountain valley. Then they started heading toward us. Read the full story here. This article appeared as “The Wildest Valley” in the November/December 2015 print edition of Sierra.

Thanks, Ramona!

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