Learning about Noxious Weeds

By | July 21, 2016

Identifying WeedsNorth Forkers gathered at the Community Hall on Tuesday to learn about identifying and treating noxious weeds on their property. Two “Weed Queens,” Tris Hoffman from the Flathead Forest and Kat Pine from Flathead County, offered their expertise and insights.

Invasive noxious weeds threaten native wildflowers, wildlife, and livestock. Landowners are legally responsible for controlling weeds on their property. Although many landowners become discouraged with the prevalence and persistence of noxious weeds and just give up, others have been very successful in managing them. It just takes a little knowledge and a lot of persistence to control the weeds on your property and there are some very good examples of this in the North Fork. The rewards of controlling noxious weeds are great. Rather than a lawn and driveway chocked with a monoculture of hawkweed, for instance, you can have lush green native grasses with a variety of colorful wildflowers.

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Debo Powers is the NF News Polebridge correspondent. She has been hiking North Fork trails since 1979. In addition, she is a gardener, kayaker, mountain biker, and dance instructor.

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