June 2018 National Wildland Fire Outlook

By | June 7, 2018

Here is a note from Allen Chrisman, NFLA’s co-chair for the Fire Mitigation Committee… Here is the link to the June National Wildland Fire Outlook:


There is essentially no change from the May Outlook for Northwest Montana.  I do see some indication that we might not have an extended season into October which would be good.  On the other hand, the monsoonal moisture that will be pushing up into the Yellowstone country could very well increase our dry lightning levels without bringing the moisture.  That could seriously affect us given hot and dry conditions.

We’ll look forward to the July issuance, but count on a very hot and dry July and August into September with a higher than normal wildfire activity level.  Get gutters cleaned out, lawns irrigated and mowed, and cleanup completed.

You can get all of the latest Fire Mitigation news from the NFLA website by tapping here. And don’t forget that the 2018 Firewise Day will take place on Wednesday, July 18th.

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