Hydrologic Outlook

By | March 14, 2019

National Weather Service Missoula MT
1047 AM MDT Wed Mar 13 2019 /947 AM PDT Wed Mar 13 2019/

…Snow Melt Impacts Expected to Increase…

Warming temperatures over the weekend into next week will
increase snow melt over the lower elevations. With the ground
still frozen across the area, this melt water will not be able to
soak in and will create run off. Water flowing overland and
accumulating in low lying areas may result in low land flooding,
water on roadways, and basement flooding. Water flowing into
creeks and streams will also increase the potential for Ice Jam
formation and subsequent flooding. Muddy, slushy roads may be
increasingly difficult to travel during this time.

Now is the time to move personal items, equipment, and/or
livestock out of low lying areas and away from waterways. Move
heavy accumulations of snow away from home foundations, and take
steps to prevent water from making it into basements.

Impacts will depend on how fast the snow melts. At this time, the
warm-up looks to be gradual, but will be monitored. Stay tuned to
the forecast for the latest details.

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