Hungry Horse District Opens Area for Firewood

By | May 26, 2015

The Hungry Horse Ranger District will open sections of the west-side Hungry Horse Reservoir Road, Forest System Road # 895, from the Hungry Horse Dam to Lid Creek, a stretch of approximately 12 miles, beginning Tuesday, May 26th through Friday, June 26th, 2014.

Firewood cutting and gathering may still be restricted in areas clearly signed along the road.

The standard Forest Service personal-use firewood permit is available for a minimum of four cords of wood for 20 dollars. Woodcutters must have their permit with them while collecting wood. All rules under the permit apply. Standing or downed trees with signs or paint are not to be cut and all vehicles, including ATV’s, must remain on the road surface.

  • To prevent damage to the paved roadway and for the safety of people using this busy stretch of road, additional restrictions apply:
  • Using rope, cable or chain systems to collect wood is not allowed.
  • Do not cut down trees onto the road surface.
  • Do not obstruct roadway.

The area will be monitored. Resource damage, such as the loss of marked trees, road damage or the creation of unsafe conditions could result in the closure of this area for firewood cutting. We appreciate the public’s cooperation to make this program a success.

To be sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable woodcutting outing, people visiting the area are asked to spread out, keep a lookout for other people and vehicles, and keep the road open and passable for others.

Information about the woodcutting area as well as firewood permits, are available from the Hungry Horse Ranger District Office, 406/387-3800. For more information on permits please visit:

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