How is the river for floating?

By | July 6, 2013

We got the following update from Debo…

They probably hit Kintla Rapid!  The rapid is HUGE!  A group of North Forkers and I went in a raft and  small kayaks to Border to Secrest yesterday.  The river was wonderful!  However, the waves in the Kintla Rapid were HUGE!  I felt like I was airborne a few times!  I was told that my kayak and I disappeared a number of times!  I yelled the whole way!  And, was shaking and drenched when it was over…….but, it was a thrill!  My scheduled float trip on Tuesday is on [see the NFLA website calendar for details of the float trip planned for Tuesday, July 9th].  If people want to take out before the rapid, they have that option.  I would not recommend canoes or inexperienced people to go through the rapid right now.

We had a North Fork friend wrote in with the following information…

“I just wanted to say that I spoke to some experianced rafters on the 1st [of July], that came down the north Fork from the border. They said that it was dangerous. The river was wild because of high waters. They ended up dumping their raft on a rapid. They said that it was very scary.”

Has anyone else floated from the border?  What advice would you give?

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