Historic Fire Year Another Day at the Office for Flathead Hotshots

By | October 26, 2017

From the Hungry Horse News… The Flathead Hotshots, front row, from left, Ryan Cole, Austin Styler, Shawn Borgen, Pat McChesney, Jim VanNice, Drew Lewis, Connor Daly, Justin Randall; back row, Matt Delaney, Chet Smith, Evan Swanson, Jim Dalen, Joan Schumacher, Tracey Simonson, Danny Bondurant, Beau Morin, Ryan Phillips, Ken Browning, Logan Carlson, Jordan Milne.

The Hungry Horse News has an article that begins…

It was an historic fire year across the Western United States and the Flathead Hotshots were in the thick of it once again.

The Hotshots just wrapped up their 51st fire season. All told, they went to 22 blazes, the latest was close to home — mopping up the still smoldering Sprague Fire in Glacier National Park. That’s more fires than usual — on average, they go to about 14 fires a year.

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