Hike to Thoma Lookout

By | June 30, 2013

Debo Powers has sent us in another hike report…

One of the easiest and beautiful hikes in the North Fork is the trail to Thoma Lookout starting from the kelly-humps on Frozen Lake Road.  We took this trail on Friday starting in the morning to avoid the heat of the afternoon.  After proceeding over the humps and walking on the road for about ½ mile, the trail takes off to the right following alongside a beautiful creek with moss-covered banks.  The lush forest provided protection from the hot sun on the 4 miles up to the lookout.  There was some snow on the ridgetop, but it was easily crossed or bypassed.  The lookout seemed to be prepared and ready for occupancy by the fire lookout, Leif.  We ate lunch at the picnic table and enjoyed the breeze that kept the bugs from bothering us.   One reason for this trip was to see how much snow was remaining on the surrounding peaks.  Nasukoin, Thompson-Ceton, and Tuchuck still hold a great deal of snow, so we will probably postpone hiking to them until more of the snow melts.

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