Hike to Glacier View

By | June 18, 2013

Here’s a suggestion from our own Debo Powers for an excellent North Fork hike…

For those who are eager to hike the trails in the North Fork that are still covered in snow, I suggest that you try Glacier View.  This trail loses its snow early in the spring.  The trailhead starts at the intersection of Camas Creek Road and the North Fork Road.  The trail practically goes straight up ascending nearly 3000 feet of elevation in about 3 miles!  It is quite a strenuous workout and our North Fork ultra-runners regularly use it as a training activity.  Along with the cardio benefits, the trail offers spectacular views of Glacier Park and the North Fork valley.   Be sure to take trekking poles for the steep descent.  I hiked this trail with another North Forker on Saturday and we were grateful for the scattered clouds and cool breezes that kept us from roasting on this exposed trail that has very little shade.