Help with Drilling a Well

By | November 26, 2018

Here’s a note from Diane Boyd …

I’m looking to drill a well up at my Trail Creek cabin in summer 2019. Anybody else interested in drilling then to share transport time for the drillers? Which company do you recommend? I’ve heard of Billmeyer and Liberty. And I need a good water witch before the drilling. Need all the help I can get to hit water! Thanks, Diane

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2 thoughts on “Help with Drilling a Well

  1. Jim vander Schaaf

    Diane, Chambers drilling also has done wells in the North Fork. I am wanting to drill a well next summer. I was Rob Fishers original partner and we have met over the years. Feel free to contact me


    Diane…we are the Athas..terry and karen at 15755 northfork….1 mile north of trail creek rd. We are thinking of a well also for summer 2019 and would d be glad to cost share transport. Would also like water witch referral…wonder if Duke H. can suggest. Lets keepin touch and exchange info.


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