Grizzly Killed Near Upper Whitefish Lake

By | October 14, 2015

Grizzly by Val CoxFWP Wardens responded to a reported self-defense killing of a grizzly bear that occurred on Sunday. A man shot and killed a grizzly bear that charged him and his two companions near Upper Whitefish Lake north of Olney. The three individuals were walking down an old logging road and smelled something decomposing below the road. Their dog ran down and encountered a bear, and then ran back towards the men with the bear on its tail. They yelled at the bear, and then the bear charged one of them. One of the men shot the bear with a high powered rifle and the animal came to rest about 10 feet from his partner.

The men returned to the vehicle and reported the incident to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. FWP Game Wardens Nathan Reiner and Wes Oedekoven responded and investigated the scene. Wardens found a large dead male grizzly estimated at 500 pounds, and an elk carcass that was cached by the bear at the location.

FWP will be providing a report to the USFWS Agent in Great Falls who will complete his investigation. The USFWS Agent is involved because grizzly bears are a threatened species, and the state and federal officers have concurrent jurisdiction.

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