Grizzlies Walking through Wurtz

By | August 28, 2015

UPDATE: Tim Manley, Bear Specialist for FWP, saw our post and sent in the following information and very good advice…

Thanks for sharing this video. I have had several reports of these two subadult grizzly bears being near homes and also getting into bird seed. This confirmed that it is two young bears and not a female with a yearling. They look like two year olds that are now on their own. Very important they don’t get any additional food rewards and that people make them move away from houses if they are seen. It is always nice to be able to see grizzly bears in the wild, but their actions of checking out homes and being nonchalant around people doesn’t bode well for them. I don’t have any idea which bears these might be.

This is fun. Stephen Kelly recenlty sent us this video of a couple of grizzlies walking through the Wurtz property. For those of us who haven’t seen a single grizzly yet this year, we appreciate this opportunity to see them in action.

By the way, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has a great list of precautions that a landowner can take in order to discourage bears from hanging around too near your structures. See FWP Bear Manager Ask Residents to Secure Attractants

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