Grass fire at Wurtz – Last Update

By | July 23, 2017
 Leif Haugen at Thoma Lookout

Leif Haugen at Thoma Lookout

Update from the Interagency Fire Information Fact Sheet and rumor

Status: Contained
Total Acres:
Rumor: Somebody or bodies thought that it would be a good idea to set a large stack of driftwood on fire and set sparks flying into the nearby grass catching it on fire. If you absolutely must have a fire, please make certain that it’s small, contained, and in a fire ring with no dry grass nearby. It’s actions such as these that will cause the Forest Service to put on restrictions that say no camp fires.

From the Coordinates48 54.102, -114 22.932 it appears to be right at the start of the Wurtz airstrip. But we heard it was on the gravel bar, probably just a little to the east.
Fuels: Down Logs
Protection Agency: GVRD – Forest Service, Human, .5 acre, Contained

They certainly jumped on this quickly. Thanks to all!

Grass fire at Wurtz Grass fire at Wurtz

NFNews heard from several sources that there was a grass fire at Wurtz this evening. Smoke from this fire was seen from and reported by all three lookouts; Thoma, Numa, and Cyclone. From what we can tell, it was on the gravel bar just south of the Wurtz airstrip. Probably human caused, although there is no official word on that. The Forest Service quickly responded as did the Blankenship Fire Department. There was a helicopter flying around for most of the evening doing bucket drops with water scooped up from the river.

Our understanding is that it’s under control and not threatening any structures. Word has it that the Forest Service will have a crew there the rest of the evening just to make sure. If we hear any more, then we’ll let you know.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this amazing response. And a special thank you to our fire lookouts: Leif Haugen at Thoma Lookout, Bill Fordyce at Numa Lookout in the Park, and Debo Powers at Cyclone Lookout. You guys are awesome.

Maybe the Forest Service will impose campfire restrictions now. We’ll see.

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