Glacier National Park breaks visitation record

By | December 10, 2015

From the Hungry Horse News

If you thought that there was more traffic on the North Fork road this summer than ever before, then you were right. The Hungry Horse News reports that according to figures released last week, the Park has seen 2,352,699 visitors this year, eclipsing the previous record set last year of 2,313,226, despite smoke and haze from wildfires in late July and August in Glacier. On a percentage basis, Polebridge saw the largest increase with a 26.2 percent jump…Polebridge’s surge meant that nearly 75,000 people went through the gates at the North Fork outpost. Read the full story here.

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    1. NFNews Editor Post author

      Agreed. Fortunately most of them turn off at Polebridge!


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