Gardner’s Roundtable and Wernick’s Farmers Market – May 23 – START AT THE SAME TIME

By | May 21, 2018

CLARIFICATION: The Gardner’s Roundtable and Wernick’s Farmers Market start at the same time on the 23rd, at 10AM. Subsequent Farmers Markets will start at noon.

Here’s a note from Chris Heitz…Good Morning, and it’s raining – thank you so much to whomever has been doing their rain dance!

Just a quick reminder that next Wednesday is the beginning of Wernick’s Farmers Market – however, this first one is extra special. Beginning at 10 am, Jerry and Linda will be hosting the Gardner’s Roundtable, a free-flowing discussion, including questions, and answers regarding the challenges of gardening in the North Fork. It will be a great opportunity to meet some of your neighbors, and to get answers to some of those questions that have been bothering you.

In addition, the Wernicks will have geraniums, seed potato starts, tomato starts, and other vegetable starts for sale. Their huge greenhouse makes all the difference, and this would be a great time to ask Jerry for a tour at a later date.

I am hopeful that Cheryl Watts will also be there with her table of honey, and special spices and rubs she packages – don’t pass up her Steak Seasoning – everything is fabulous!

Travel to the turnoff for East Red Meadow Road, go to the bottom of the road, and through the log arch/gate on your right.

Feel free to bring any extra starts you have to share.

If you can’t make this first Market, the next one is Wednesday, June 6th at noon. The Markets will continue every other Wednesday at noon in the Wernick’s gazebo through Sept 26.

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